Spectacular Hand-Crafted Jewelry

Spectral Stone and Wood are proud to display hand crafted pendants and earrings and happily offer these unique creations to you, our wonderful customers. In today’s world, 1 of a kind, high quality jewelry that stands out from the crowd of commercially made jewelry can often be challenging to find. We see this as our main strong suit because each piece that leaves our workshop is totally unique. You can rest assured you’ll never find another one like it! Undoubtedly, natural beauty is true beauty. Because of this, we embrace all that each spectacular metaphysical stone and dazzling gem has to offer in their unique shape, vibrant color, and irregular patterns. You may notice that our designs let the captivating glamour that these stones naturally possess do the talking with minimalist settings in rose gold, silver, and sterling silver. This is intentional; we enjoy letting these beautiful stones take center stage and feel that this is the best way to showcase each gem.

Radiant Stones and Gems

Tyler’s work features a plethora of fascinating stones and gems, truly something for everyone’s taste. Typically, these include fiery iridescent opals, who each boast their own unique spectrum of glittering colors. Various semi-precious stones and sparkling gems can also be found in the pendants and earrings here at Spectral Stone and Wood. Captivating, deeply colored blood stone as well as intense jade, which has long been prized historically, particularly by Chinese culture, also often frequents our pieces. We are proud to forge these enthralling, one-of-a-kind treasures and make them available to you to display and use as a means of personal expression.

Feel free to browse the exceptional completed pieces that are in stock and check back often for new unique pieces right off Tyler’s workbench!

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Showing 1–5 of 291 results