Handmade Woodwork

Artisan Handcrafted Woodworking

Spectral Stone and Wood produces beautiful, gallery quality wooden bowls and vases along with our stone jewelry. This genre of woodworking is a true art form, highlighting the natural beauty of the hardwood used in each piece. Master craftsman, Tyler, pours his 20 years of experience into each and every slab that enters his workspace, and it leaves as a one-of-a-kind treasure that is not only beautiful, but functional as well. Hand crafted hardwood bowls and vases make incredible family heirlooms, that you can pass down for generations to come!

Beauty and Functionality

It may come as a surprise to you, but hardwood bowls are surprisingly durable as well as functional, and are intended for everyday use. Oils from foods will actually condition the wood, and regular washing and buffing will help keep your bowl in top shape. Wooden bowls can stand up to a surprising amount of use, but should they become scratched, they can be easily refinished. That is the beauty of natural wood!

Premium Materials

Spectral Stone and Wood only utilizes the finest hardwoods for our hand-crafted bowls and vases, such as walnut and maple. Walnut is highly prized and sought after as a woodworking medium. This hardwood is very resistant to warping, and is extremely rot resistant, while remaining relatively light. Walnut is also a very dense wood with great shock resistance. Besides those amazing qualities, walnut boasts a beautiful, rich grain that is unparalleled.

For these reasons, walnut is highly desired in many woodworking applications, such as gun stocks, furniture, and of course, bowls and vases! Another favorite here at Spectral Stone and Wood is maple. This hardwood is exactly that, hard and strong! Maple is second in hardness only to hickory wood. Because of its sheer strength and durability, maple has been heavily sought after for flooring, furniture, and even bowling lanes! As well its natural strength, maple is known to retain its beauty as well, with a rich golden honey finish.

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Bowls and Vases

Dark Walnut and Curly Maple vase

Walnut Maple Vase

Dark Walnut and Curly Maple 4″ x 5″